It’s that old story: two girls make a site, blog away then disappear off the face of the planet. Why, you might ask? Well dear readers, I’m afraid I must take responsibility for that one.

You see, our webmaster who fixes things when Sarah and I inevitably break them also happens to be my significant other and two big things happened this summer. One: we eloped! That’s right dear readers. Weird as it is to say (I still kind of feel like I’m playing dress up in my mom’s shoes most days, how can I be married?), I am married. Now, despite the fact that it was a super simple affair (of which very few knew. Sarah did, but being in Japan meant she couldn’t be here which was le sad), it seemed to eat away a lot of time, then we were off to Europe.

The second big thing that happened is that my now husband (still webmaster) was offered an amazing job opportunity in Scotland and after talking it through, we decided he had to take it. Except there was one problem: my school year started in two weeks and there wasn’t really time to consider other options. So the short of it is that I’m here, he’s there, Sarah is still in Japan and we now have 3 time zones to contend with.

All in a day’s work, right?

fallsover I miss my people!

Luckily, Sarah being the amazing human she is, kept us mostly afloat over the Spring and into Summer, but she also had a lot going on. As you may know from various posts, Sarah moved to Japan last year after graduation for a super awesome job opportunity, but Summer also happens to be her busiest time there. Then she found out her parents were coming for a visit in July. As you can imagine, things got busy!

So as life happens, so do Hiatus. Hiatuses? Hiati? I’ll let you figure that one out.

At any rate, we’re back now! With a bunch of reviews on the burner waiting for their Tuesday or Thursday. Upcoming ones include Warcross (in which Olivia discovers it’s a series with one chapter to go. Urg. My heart wasn’t ready), That Inevitable Victorian Thing, An Enchantment of Raves and The Hazel Wood!

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